Imperial War Museum

Secret War

To create an object rich gallery dispelling the myths around clandestine warfare

Our Approach
Following an introduction including clips from the James Bond 007 movies and associated memorabilia we utilisied the Imperial War Museum’s unrivalled collection to create three distinct but adjoining atmospheric environments to interpret the truth about secret warfare. MI5 and MI6 stories were set in a dimly lit basement office with a ramped floor to maintain a tension with the visitor. Special Operations Executive was represented with the backdrop of the interior of a Halifax aircraft from which many SOE personnel were parachuted behind enemy lines. The concrete and twisted metal of blast-ridden buildings embodied the environment of today’s theatre of war. All of the object-rich spaces were linked by a menacing soundscape.

Completed as Land Design Studio.


  • 3d and 2d design
  • Project management
  • AV and I/A development
  • Scripting